• About Us
    About Us

What we do

  • Develop skills that lead to jobs in the ecotourism or conservation sector and their related businesses;
  • Promote linkages between eco-tourism enterprises and local suppliers of goods and services;
  • Assist communities to get ownership or control of high-value conservation land;
  • Provide planning, transaction advice and mediation services for businesses on community-held conservation land;
  • Facilitate grants and long-term loans to fund community ownership of lodges and other profitable tourism enterprises;
  • Help set up and support community-based organisations that encourage sound governance and the fair distribution of benefits to local residents, especially poor and marginal groups;
  • Promote the adoption of responsible labour and environmentally responsible business practices;
  • Contribute to biodiversity conservation by demonstrating the long-term value of undisturbed wilderness to local residents;
  • Document lessons learnt from our projects so they can be extended to other sectors of the industry; and
  • Lobby governments, industry associations, civil society organisations and others to adopt measures that enhance the ability of ecotourism operations to contribute to sustainable development.