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    Partners and Links


The ASF is essentially a facilitating organization, as we work with partners to make our projects a success. [Please see our list of partners below].

For more information on partners and ASF's involvement in projects, please contact us.

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Community Associations

Ahi Zameni Chemucane (Mozambique)
Makuleke Communal Property Association (RSA)
Sebolao Development Trust (RSA)
Makahane Land Claimants (RSA)
Khomani San Trust (RSA)
Etendeka Community Trust (Namibia)
Omatendeka and Anabeb Conservancies (Namibia)
Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy(Namibia)

National government departments

Namibian Ministry of Environment
South African Department of Tourism
South African Department of Environmental Affairs
Administracao Nacional de Areas de Conservacao - ANAC
North West Parks Board
South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI)