• African Safari Foundation Transaction Advice

Transaction Advice

The ASF has provided transaction advice to numerous communities, private sector ecotourism investors and conservation managers who have entered into Community Private Partnerships in tourism.

In South Africa, the ASF’s community partners include the Bhangazi Community Trust, the Makuleke Communal Property Association, the Khomani San Bushman Council, the Balete Ba Lekgophung Development Trust, The Sebolao Development Trust, the Bhangazi Community Trust and the Makahane land claimants.

In Namibia, the ASF assisted with the design of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism’s concessions policy and advised several conservancies in their negotiations with private partners, including at Palmwag, GrootbergEtendeka and Hobatere.

In Mozambique, the ASF supported the Ahi Zameni Chemucane association in their joint venture with the Bell Foundation to develop the luxury Anvil Bay Lodge at Ponta Chemucane in the Maputo Special Reserve. The ASF is currently advising the Kisawa ecotourism development on Benguerra Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago on a community engagement strategy and ensuring alignment with the Marine Protected Area’s environmental objectives.