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The ASF procures financial and other support from private business, philanthropic foundations, government programmes and a range of finance institutions interested in promoting and enhancing the connection between nature tourism and rural development.

The ASF assists communities to put together financing packages for investment in tourism products, typically as a combination of grants and loans.

The ASF also manages a philanthropic fund on behalf of the Ford Foundation, which supplies loans to communities on soft terms. We have co-financed:

·      The Balete Ba Lekgophung Development Trust for investment in Buffalo Ridge Safari Lodge in the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa. Buffalo Ridge has created 27 jobs for community members and has served as a training ground for numerous others over the past 10 years.

·      The Anabeb and Omatendeka Conservancies for the upgrade of the Etendeka Mountain Camp in Namibia. Etendeka has operated as a successful model since its re-opening in July 2012.

·      The ≠Khoadi//Hôas Conservancy for the expansion and upgrade of Grootberg Lodge, Namibia. Grootberg employs 45 members of the local community and regularly provides training to upskill its staff.

·      The Ahi Zameni Chemucane (AZC) Association for investment in the Anvil Bay Lodge at Ponta Chemucane near Maputo. Anvil Bay is expected to open its doors in late 2015. Local community members are involved with the construction and are acquiring skills in carpentry and construction.