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Grootberg Lodge wins International Award

Posted on Fri March 20, 2020.

The ≠Khoadi-//Hoas Conservancy and Grootberg Lodge, recently won an award for their human wildlife conflict program.

The African Safari Foundation were happy to hear the news that Grootberg Lodge and the ≠Khoadi-//Hoas Conservancy  in Namibia has won the first place in the Green Destinations Sustainable Destination Awards in the category "Best of Africa."

The Grootberg Lodge stands sentinel over the Klip River Valley. 12 000 hectares have been set aside by the #Khoadi-//Hoas community for conservation and tourism and it is through this pristine wilderness that you meander, either on foot or by car, to encounter the inhabitants of this remote biosphere. Grootberg Lodge is a landmark in Namibia for the tourism industry as it is the first middle-market establishment in the country that is 100% owned by the conservancy.

For travellers making the journey between Etosha and Swakopmund, this lodge provides the ideal midway stopover, while allowing guests to experience the true wilderness that is Damaraland.

Steve Collins, CEO of The African Safari Foundation says, "We have worked with the team at Grootberg Lodge for many years, and are incredibly proud of their achievements. They have set the benchmark very high in terms of best practice when it comes to communities and conservation.Congratulations to one and all. "