The #8FilmProject

Posted on Sun September 1, 2019 in ASF News.

During Heritage Month, The African Safari Foundation (ASF) is very pleased to launch the #8FilmProject and ‡Khomani San Archive. This creative project celebrates the rich heritage of the ‡Khomani San people in words, pictures and films.
The #8FilmProject was developed in partnership with the ‡Khomani San Community Property Association (CPA) and the National Lotteries Commission (NLC).

The ASF is passionate about celebrating and documenting the living heritage of the diverse communities around Southern Africa. We have embarked on a training programme to assist communities in telling their own stories. All too often the rich heritage of communities is told by outsiders, this programme allows participants to investigate their own history and heritage and to give an authentic and modern voice to the stories that have shaped history.

The pilot training programme called the #8FilmProject was first rolled out in the Khomani San community of the Northern Cape. This two-year project consists of two main components – the training and production of eight films by the ‡Khomani San youth and the creation of a digital archive of ‡Khomani San films and photographs.

The films cover a number of aspects of life in the ‡Khomani San community and range from craft-making and culinary knowledge and the history of the ‡Khomani San land claim to telling the stories of the elders and why the environment is so important. The film and photographic archive is a digital repository for the Khomani San community’s history, ongoing story and a place to share its rich cultural heritage.